“Oliver Twist”: Film Reviews


I liked this movie because it is a beautiful story, there is suspens and the actors play well. I think that this movie is moving because the scene where Bill pushes Oliver in the lake and at the end of the movie when Fagin roars because he is going to die is sad. It is also interesting because that shows us what people thought of orphans before. The most standing character is Fagin because he plays a double game because, with Bill, he says that it is necessary to kill Oliver because it is only a hooligan, but when he is with Oliver he is kind. (Written by Laura B., 3ème G)


 I liked the movie because it showed the suffering of orphans. I find this film sad because oliver Twist is manipulated to steal food. I liked when Fagin speaks only with all his gold stolen and I did not like when Bill Sikes shoots Oliver Twist. The most moving characters are Oliver Twist and Fagin. (Written by Léo B., 3ème G)


I liked the movie because it is a very beautiful movie, with interesting characters. I think that the movie is moving because Oliver’s story is very sad. What I liked most is to see the evolution of Oliver and to see that in spite of his very hard life, he gave the best of him! And what I liked least is it to see him suffering. My favorite character is Oliver but for me the most striking character it is Mister Bronlow who made every effort for Oliver and who adopts him at the end. (Written by Anaïs T., 3ème E)


I liked this film because it’s moving with its different scenes. For example, I loved the scene in which Mr. Brownlow takes Oliver Twist in his house to take care of him, another example, when Nancy meets Mr. Brownlow to tell him where Oliver Twist is, this act is brave because it gets her to die. It’s very sad but it’s amazing. However, I hated the moment with Noah Claypol, when Oliver is unfairly punished because of Noah. In this film, I think Nancy is the outstanding character thanks to her bravery. (Written by Lucie D., 3ème E)

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