Scary Stories (by Eléanore B. and James A., 3ème D and E)

Take a look at these 2 scary stories, written by 2 of our inspired writers. It’s not for the faint-hearted!

Jetez un oeil sur ces 2 histoires, écrites par 2 de nos écrivains inspirés. Ce n’est pas pour les âmes sensibles!


The castle of the damned souls

 Chapter 1

The car was in front of a huge castle overlooking the forest. Jeremy was looking for his mobile when he realised the batteries were flat.

Lynn was getting out first when the driver helped her.

She heard a long noise when the heavy oak door was opening. An old man appeared and walked down the steps. Jeremy and Lynn were approaching when the old man said: ” Follow me, I will show you your room.”. He said goodbye to the driver who left them and closed the door. The hall was vast and dark.

Lynn was climbing the stairs and was wondering if her grandfather Edmund had no cleaning woman because the ceiling was covered with cobwebs.

Chapter 2

Jeremy was walking and trying to switch on his phone. He didn’t want to go to his grandfather’s and he preferred to stay at home and play with this friends.

When they arrived at the room, Jeremy was thinking to himself if it was their room. Lynn found it perfect. Edmund left them alone: “I must go away but I will be back for dinner, at 7 o’clock. Don’t be late!”

Chapter 3

“ Hey Lynn, what about exploring the castle? “ asked Jeremy.

“ er… you think we can?”

“Of course, otherwise he wouldn’t have left us alone.”

“Yes, but…”

“Come! ‘’

Jeremy took Lynn into the dark corridors of the castle. It was getting darker and darker as there were exploring them and they had to look for the light to illuminate the place. They found themselves in the grandfather’s library.

‘’Look Jeremy, lots of book!”

“Take it easy Lynn…”

“Let’s go to the upper floor.’’

The stairs were made of black marble.

While Lynn was looking at the shelves, Jeremy smelt a strange stench. He followed the smell and arrived in front of the shelves. ‘’Lynn, come here! ‘’ he called. When she was standing there she noticed the horrible stench. ‘’ Maybe like in books, you must pull a book to open a secret passage! ‘’. Seeing her excitement, Jeremy started to remove the books from the shelves.

Lynn pulled out a book at random and they heard a noise: a door was opening.

Under the eyes of the twins, a secret passage was opening. They looked at each other surprised and went in.

They walked into a huge, dark and cold room.

They saw their grand-father lying on the floor. Lynn was running to him when he signalled her not to move. She stopped immediately. Jeremy stared at him and saw a horrible face. Edmund’s skin was red with buttons and scabs oozing a living dead’s stench.

He said to them in a whisper: “The… serum… you must… stop… she is coming…”

The twins were paralysed and didn’t dare to move.

The grandfather died.

Suddenly, the noise of a glass breaking was heard in the dismal silence which had settled. Jeremy and Lynn turned round and saw what looked like a human being whose figure was standing out of the darkness.

Chapter 4

“Mum? You’re dead…” said Lynn in a flat voice.

The figure didn’t move.

“It was ‘mum’ ” Jeremy corrected.

She moved so fast that in a few seconds she was standing at the other end of the room.

“What has he done to her?!” Lynn shouted.

“I don’t know but, for sure, this thing isn’t friendly at all. It certainly wants to go out. Close the exit!” Jeremy answered.

She obeyed, closed quickly the passage door and stepped aside just in time to avoid the long nails which had grown instantly on the hands of the ‘’thing’’ that was moving very fast.

“He spoke of a serum, didn’t he?” Lynn asked. “Let’s find it!” Jeremy said.

Trying to avoid as best as they could the mortal blows, they tried to find something looking like a serum.

“I’ve got it!!” Jeremy shouted. At that moment, Lynn got punched in her belly and collapsed with a scream. When the beast was ready to strike a fatal blow, Jeremy stuck the syringe containing the serum and emptied it till the last drop. The thing collapsed screaming with pain. ‘’Its’’ face, just like their grandfather’s, became slowly a body in the state of decomposition and turned into ashes.

Jeremy ran to Lynn and helped her.

“Why did granddad do that?” she asked .

“Edmund loved very much his daughter, our mother who died just after our birth. Maybe he wanted to bring her back to life…”

The end

A scary story


One night, two friends were driving home from a party. It was quite foggy and Philip, who was driving, couldn’t see the road properly. Looking back he should have been driving slower and not speaking so much to his friend but it was late and they wanted to get back home. When suddenly, they saw an old man on the road. Philip tried to stop but it was too late. Barney got out to see if he was hurt but he couldn’t find the man. Then Philip saw something further along the road. They went to see it closer up and they realized it was an arm in a puddle of blood. The friends panicked at first but decided they needed to find the badly hurt man, so they followed the blood which took them to an old shed in the woods. Philip knocked on the door while Barney was looking around to see if there was anybody there. Noone answered the door so Barney opened it and shouted “Is anyone there?” In a shocking instant the old man came out of nowhere screaming that he was going to kill them. The two men ran as fast as they could to their car and drove off in blind panic.

They didn’t really remember how they found the police station or how long it had taken but they found themselves parked in front of Thornton village Police Station. Finding it difficult to catch their breath, they both finally explained their story, hoping the police would act quickly. However, the policeman looked straight at them and began to laugh. “Are you joking?”he said. “It’s the fourth time that young men like you have come here on Halloween to tell us the same story. I’m sorry it might seem a joke but you’re wasting police time. We don’t believe in ghosts!”

Barney and Philip looked confused until an old lady sitting in the waiting area told them the legend of the old farmer who had had an accident with his machinery 50 years ago and lost his arm. He had died next to the road, trying to find help. Every Halloween, his ghost is said to roam the area looking to find a new arm!

The end

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