“Respire” film review (by Camille S., 3ème B)


I will talk about a movie named Respire. It’s a French movie directed and produced by Mélanie Laurent. It is based on the novel by Anne-Sophie Brasme. Lou de Laâge, Joséphine Japy, Isabelle Carré and Claire Keim are the actresses of the film. The film production company is Gaumont, Move movie and Mely Productions. It was released in 2014. I don’t really like this film but it’s the only movie that has left its mark on my mind because everyone has already had a friend like the one in the film, I mean a “toxic” friend.

The story is about two friends. Charlie is 17 years old and she is a very happy girl. One day, a new girl, Sarah, comes to school. The two girls become friends and Charlie makes Sarah her ideal. Quickly, Sarah uses and manipulates Charlie. The best friends soon become worst enemies.

First of all, Charlie is a little bit shy and a very happy girl. But she, Sarah arrives in their class, she discovers a new personality. Sarah is oppressive, selfish, a party girl, but she’s Charlie’s model because she’s different from her.

Gradually, Charlie understands who Sarah really is but this one does everything to make Charlie’s life impossible. She despises and provokes her. Charlie will try to get rid of her, but the past catches up with her again.

The movie lasts 92 minutes and it is breathtakingly cruel. Lou de Laâge and Joséphine Japy showed an excellent performance. The movie won “My French Film Festival 2015” and it was nominated for a César Award in 2015. Lou de Laâge and Joséphine Japy won the César Award for Most Promising Actress. The soundtrack was really good for this movie. I see no negative point, the end is just breathtaking and I really recommend this movie because it’s an excellent life lesson.

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