“Lucy” film review (by Lucie D., 3ème B)

My favorite film is Lucy. I watched this film in my home a lot of times and I love it! It’s a French film produced by Luc Besson, a very famous French director. Two important actors star in the film: Scarlett Johansson (in the role of Lucy) and Morgan Freeman. The film lasts 1 hour 26 minutes and it was released in France on 6th August, 2014. I think it’s a mixture between a science-fiction film and an action film.

The story is about a student called Lucy who, after strange circumstances, sees her intellectual capacities develop a lot. Her brain acquires unlimited powers that change her life. At one point, she will be forced, for her health, to meet a professor of Scientology (Morgan Freeman) to tell her story. In the beginning, the action takes place in Shanghai and in Paris at the end. In the beginning, there is a passage of the film that is very violent, with blood. Sensitive souls should refrain, but after it’s normal!

My favorite moment is when Lucy meets the famous professor in Paris, because it’s very rewarding for her.

I am impressed with the performance of Scarlett Johansson. She was excellent because it’s a very difficult role! She played the role of Lucy in a very convincing manner! I love this actress. During the film, we are immersed in her life, it’s amazing! Morgan Freeman is a very good actor too, he’s very convincing.

In this film, there are a lot of special effects. I’m not a specialist with that but, for me, they’re good.

Finally, I would say it’s a very good, very interesting film. We don’t get bored during the film and it’s very important, so I recommend it a lot!

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