“Interstellar” film review (by Thomas C., 3ème B)


To begin with, Interstellar was released on November 5th, 2014. It’s a science-fiction movie by Christopher Nolan. This story is about a group who went to travel in space to find a new planet for the earthlings. I think this film is wonderful and well played, especially Matthew McConaughey (who plays Joseph Cooper).

The story is about a man, Joseph Cooper, an old test pilot and engineer who becomes a farmer because of an accident during a test. So, he lives on his farm with his family. His daughter, Murphy (played by Mackenzie Foy as a kid and by Jessica Chastain as an adult), who is 10 years old, believes that their house is haunted by a ghost who tries to communicate with her. Trying to understand it, she discovers that he is sending them a coded message, leading them to Nasa. And that’s how the story begins. They will have to leave in search of a new living planet to save humanity from the food crisis.

Next, the movie clearly shows the immensity of the universe and the differences between our planet and other planets.

To conclude, the story is amazing, touching at certain times, this movie is the best film ever for me, the story is perfect, the special effects are amazing and the actors are very convincing.

This movie received six different awards, it’s integrated into the top 10 of the best films of the year and best science-fiction film. It also received four awards for best visual effects.

This film is perfect. I would gladly recommend it.

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